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The Key to Theosophy Is Now Available on TT.ORG in a Free ePub Edition

By  Editor Monday, April 19

The Key to Theosophy is now available on TT.ORG in a free ePub edition - just click on the blue link below to download the file. This ebook version of The Key is an exact duplicate of the text of the original edition, but features the convenience of electronic versions: all of the footnotes are hyperlinked so that you can read the footnote and return to the same spot in your text with ease; all of the chapters, sections and subsections are also hyperlinked; bookmarks are easy to place and easy to return to. In addition, this version contains an extensive Theosophical Glossary (at the end of the book) that defines and explains all of the Sanskrit, Greek, and Hebrew words used in The Key.

As with all of the other ePub editions, it is best to first download and install one of the free ebook readers available on the Internet. The best one we have seen so far is Adobe\'s Digital Editions - it is well organized, very responsive, and easy to use. You can download it free at

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