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"Scorpio" - The Seventh of the 12 HERMES Astrological Articles

By  Editor Thursday, October 21

\"The constellation of Scorpio lies in that region of the sky where many brilliant temporary stars have appeared. The violent activity in this part of the heavens undoubtedly led the ancients to attribute to Scorpio a malevolent force, and the immensity and brilliance of the great red star Antares possibly encouraged them to emphasize the influence of the warlike planet of Mars. Antares lies in the direction of the centre of our galaxy and has been known for millennia as the heart of the great Scorpion. It is several hundred times the sun\'s diameter and thousands of times more luminous; its throbbing reddish body radiates out a fiery aura about which whirls a vast and intricate nebular cloud. The constellation near Antares is the only group of stars forming a curve which bends back upon itself, thus actually describing a scorpion shape.\"

Thus begins SCORPIO, the seventh of the 12 HERMES essays on the astrological signs, written from the Theosophical perspective.

You can find \"Scorpio\" here:

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